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Crazy Defense Heroes: Tower Defense Strategy TD का विवरण

Be prepared for an epic adventure to seize the realm of evils! Explore the world of Crazy Defense Heroes for a challenging action-packed experience where collectible card game meets classic tower defense.
Dive into a cute fantasy world with hundreds of exciting levels designed to provide you with countless hours of fun! Develop your own strategy using a combination of cards to fight through hordes of monsters.
★ Over 90 cards to collect! Use a mix of Hero, Tower, Spell, and Equipment Cards to hold your ground in the kingdom of evil.
★ 500+ levels to challenge your brain! Mobilize your troops to battle fearsome hordes of minotaurs, orcs, skeletons, dragons, and more.
★ Create strategies and allocate your mana properly to clear each stage!
★ Test your skills with raids and weekly challenges!
★ Earn chests to unlock powerful cards and rewards to upgrade your party.
★ Collect and scavenge resources to replenish your supplies and materials.
★ Build defensive towers with various attack range and abilities to cover strategic points of control!
★ Unlock over 20+ heroes to join you in the battlefield!
★ Use spells to summon a dragon to rain fire on your foes, freeze your enemies in blocks of ice, or mend your champions with healing magic!
★ Customize your avatar! Equip your character with gear that strengthens their attack power, defense, movement speed, and health regeneration.
★ A unique visual experience featuring high definition anime illustrations to feast your eyes on!

More features to be added soon!
Note: An internet connection is required to play.

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